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2010-04-20 18:28:46 by ZAchaPi

So, I never write anything intelligent here anymore, and i herd u liek lists, so this is gonna be some sort of reference page. I'll add something every once in a while. Check them out!

Man in the Box- Alice in Chains
Pinch Me- Barenaked Ladies
All the Small Things- Blink 182
Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi
So Cold- Breaking Benjamin
Wherever you Will Go- The Calling
Higher- Creed
Over My Head (Cable Car)- The Fray
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Coming Undone- Korn
In the End- Linkin Park
My Own Worst Enemy- Lit
Televators- The Mars Volta
Bent- Matchbox Twenty
How You Remind Me- Nickleback
Can't Stand Losing You- The Police
Orange Crush- R.E.M.
Butcher Pete Part One- Roy Brown
Electro Gypsy- Salvonic/Weebl
Needles- Seether
Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
Pain- Three Days Grace
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2
Who are You- The Who
Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down



=Music Vidos=

/* */

/* */

/* */

So, if you don't recognize any of these, google them. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Big Daddy
Bloodelf Paladin
G.W.B. and Catface
Unfinished Kirby


Stephen King
Stephen Colbert




=Other Shit=

64gig iPod classic
Altoids Smalls
Faber-Castell drawing Pencils
Lava Lamps
Epson Perfection 2480 Photo scanner
Crosman Premium Airsoft Bullets .20 Grams
Kirkland Tissues
HP Monitors
HP computers
HP Keyboards
HP Speakers Nevermind, they broke. The right speaker is quieter now.
iTunes when it isn't freezing
Avery VIEW Silhouette 1" Ring binder
Are You Still Reading This INC
the Cryptosporidian guild on the Korialstrasz server of World of Warcraft Of which I am the leader
PaceMaster ProSelect shitty treadmills that broke when I threw a cushion at it GODDAMN YOU
the Cryptosporidian profile on Kongregate
wait what is this I don't even
Platform Racing 2
ZAchaPi's Flash Animations
Flash CS3 Professional
Whatever phone I have that doesn't charge anymore
Echo Hall chatroom on Kongregate
and You (not really, I don't care about you)


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2010-04-20 19:45:33

HP sucks.
Hello bloatware.

ZAchaPi responds:

Ur mo- Nevermind. I'll google it.


2010-05-05 01:13:49

Bo-bo-bo. bo bo bo bo boooooooooooooooo

ba ba ba ba ba ba do doh de.

ee ee ee ee be cee lee do doh de.

My favorite song :D

ZAchaPi responds:

The Police?
If that's the song I think you're talking about, it is pretty nice.


2010-06-01 17:03:40

Yup. It's awesome

ZAchaPi responds:



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