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I have a tiny problem.

2009-09-06 08:51:17 by ZAchaPi

So, today I got a PM from a guy, wan'ting me to make sprites/animation for him. so, I said yes and told him I'd send him a screenie when they were ready. I then proceeded to delete the two PMs he had sent me. The problem, you ask? well, I'VE FORGOTTEN WHO HE IS! So, I'm a smart kid, So, I figured I'd check the PMs he had sent me. Guess what? I deleted them. So, to recap, SOMEONE out there is waiting on a screenie, but, I don't know who and I have no way of finding out. if you are this person, or know who this person is, pleasepleaseplease tell me. Might as well post the sprite, I guess, but no stealing, plz.
It sucks anyway, don't know why you'd wanna.

I have a tiny problem.


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